Cajon Spain Team

Well, we don't really have a team yet.... Quite honestly, it's just me at the moment, and my father helps me with the more technical aspects like servers, emails, etc. Oh, and there are the writers who contribute by creating content. I dedicate many hours of my time to this website, but always with a very clear goal: to give the cajon the recognition it deserves.

Let me tell you where all this madness comes from:

My name is Juan Francisco Rey Toro (Toro for those who know me in the scene). Over the last 14 years of my life, I've been a professional musician and had the great opportunity to travel through 46 countries thanks to music and thanks to my cajon.

During these travels, I've always been interested in discovering the percussion instruments used in each of these countries, and you'd be surprised at how many cajons I've encountered all over the world, in Brazil, Germany, Iran, France, even in the Maldives!

It's amazing how versatile the cajon is and how well it adapts to a vast variety of musical genres. But every time I got to try one of these cajons, I left with the same thought in my head... "Hmm, something's missing," "they don't sound the same."

There's something I've only found in Spanish cajons, and I believe it's the passion, the love of Spanish artisans, and above all, the quality of their construction.

However, I've hardly encountered Spanish cajons abroad; 90% were from other brands that don't really deeply understand this instrument, and that saddens me...

That's exactly why I decided to create this website, to give global visibility to spanish craftsmen and their Drum box. The best cajons in the world.

So, if you, reading this, end up trusting us and make a purchase on our website, you should know that you are collaborating with the international expansion of our culture and this wonderful instrument.

Thank you very much and welcome!

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