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"ABueno began its journey in late 2010, founded by Antonio Bueno, who gave his name to the brand.

A professional carpenter and cabinetmaker with over 25 years of experience in woodworking, Antonio has successfully combined his trade with his passion as a percussionist, which he has enjoyed since childhood. The first drum box he made was for his own music group, and he hasn’t stopped creating since.

This blend of craftsmanship and passion gave birth to 'ABueno Percusión Artesana'.

You might wonder why it's called 'artesana' or 'artisan'?

The reason lies in the entirely artisanal creation process. Each drum box is crafted with utmost care and attention, treated as a piece of art. We see our drum boxes not just as instruments, but as creations with personality, where the designs are more than mere decoration – they embody the essence of ABueno’s philosophy.

A philosophy committed to the world of drum boxes, aiming to continuously elevate its status within the family of percussion instruments.

Therefore, we never cease in our efforts to improve and innovate every day, not settling for what we already have, but striving to go beyond.

We take joy in creating each ABueno drum box, knowing it will become an essential part of a percussionist’s life and senses, complementing them as if they were one.

Our clear objectives for the Present and Future are driven by our restless and uncompromising nature, continuously researching to enhance our products and create increasingly advanced flamenco drum boxes that complement what already exists.

With a present that allows adding a cymbal or a snare to an ABueno drum box, transforming it into a mini drum set... a present where you can play a flamenco güiro on the same striking surface... or adjust the power and frequency of the drum box with a simple gesture (CAT).

A present where you don't have to stop playing to tune your ABueno Flamenco Drum Box, and with a single finger, you can adjust the sound you need at that moment.

A present where you control the harmonics, not the other way around (MCA). A present where you have the option to choose your own design and personalize your drum box... a present full of future, that’s ABueno, pure Fusion!

Thank you for letting us share our passions."

Cajon box drums

Abueno Luna

One of the most recommended drum boxes for those beginning their journey in the world of percussion.
Abueno Malaka Abueno Malaka 2
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Cajon box drums

Abueno Malaka

A quality drum box with a well-balanced sound. Featuring medium impact play and powerful bass, this drum box stands as a true gem at the most competitive price.
Cajon box drums

Abueno Terra

Terra Drum Box The first step into professional drum boxes, offering unbeatable quality, sound, and price!
Cajon box drums

Abueno Andalusi Black

Andalusí Black Drum Box A highly comprehensive drum box with excellent, bright highs and defined, powerful bass. Combined with its immense sensitivity, this makes for a comfortable drum box experience.
Cajon box drums

Abueno Iberico

Ibérico Drum Box A drum box of pure breed, with a flamenco essence in its design, offering a natural and exquisite sound.
Abueno Saeta Abueno Saeta 2
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Cajon box drums

Abueno Saeta

Saeta Drum Box The Saeta Drum Box embodies style transformed into a drum box. Its elegant design stands out for its simplicity and vintage touch... a classic from ABueno.
Abueno Quejio Abueno Quejio 2
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Cajon box drums

Abueno Quejio

Quejío Drum Box If you're seeking a drum box that's POWERFUL, ELEGANT, and with an INCREDIBLE SOUND... this is your drum box! A real powerhouse!
Cajon box drums

Abueno Noble Natura

Noble Natura Drum Box This drum box is crafted for discerning musicians seeking something truly special. The Noble Natura stands out due to the nobility of its materials, offering both power and an elegance that is captivating.
Cajon box drums

Abueno Noble Maestre

Noble Maestre Drum Box. This could be considered the flagship of the family, a drum box made for discerning musicians seeking something special and unique. It's a high-quality instrument where the beauty of its finishes blends with the most effective innovation.

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