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La Rosa Box Drum

La Rosa Drum Boxes History

To create an instrument like the drum box, your passion must be music. This passion brought together Pedro Rodríguez, a guitarist, and José Mora, a percussionist. Initially, José aimed to become a professional musician, a goal that proved more challenging than anticipated. However, his desire to make a living in this world led him to create his own flamenco drum box in 2007, an instrument growing in popularity thanks to the rise of new flamenco and Latin jazz.

After much experimentation, trial and error, and with help from his friend Pedro Rodríguez, in 2012, La Rosa Percusión launched its first music drum box, the Custom model.


Having established themselves in the market with their first drum box, known for its sound and price, innovation at La Rosa came through German percussionist Daddi Bahmani. The German artist commissioned Pedro and José to create a model that suited his musical style, even though La Rosa already had a wide variety of flamenco drum boxes. Today, La Rosa Percusión offers over 18 types of drum boxes and other percussion instruments categorized into four sections: Basic, Professional, Selection, and Signature.

International Expansion

Born in Madrid, La Rosa Percusión is now a benchmark in flamenco drum boxes, with a growing international presence. Today, it is present in key countries like the United States, Germany, China, and many European nations. La Rosa drum boxes can be found in any percussion store.

Much of their success is due to Pedro and José achieving a unique sound, coupled with affordable prices and significant recognition from international artists.

Features of "La Rosa Percusion" Drum Boxes

"La Rosa Percusión" flamenco drum boxes are known for their following characteristics:

High-Quality Material: Made from high-quality maple wood, providing a warm and resonant sound.

Traditional Design: Classic and traditional flamenco drum box design with an elegant and sophisticated finish.

Rich and Deep Tone: Their material and construction produce a rich and deep tone, ideal for flamenco music.

Easy to Play: Comfortable to play with a smooth response, making them accessible for musicians of all levels.

Excellent Construction Quality: Outstanding build quality ensures long-lasting durability and reliable performance with each use.

La Rosa Flamenco Drum Boxes

"La Rosa Percusión" offers a wide range of flamenco drum boxes to meet the needs of different musicians and playing styles. Here's a brief description of the four mentioned models:

La Rosa Blackie Flamenco Drum Box:

This model features a matte black finish and an elegant, sophisticated design. It's an entry-level drum box offering a warm and resonant sound.

La Rosa Custom 12 Flamenco Drum Box:

A customized version of the Blackie model, with a 12" size for a more potent sound. It offers excellent build quality and a smooth, precise response.

La Rosa Studio Drum Box:

An option for professional musicians seeking a high-quality drum box. It provides a balanced sound and robust construction for reliable performance in every use.

La Rosa Custom Flamenco Drum Box:

This model allows musicians to personalize their drum box with a wide range of finish and size options to suit individual needs and preferences. It offers a unique combination of style and performance.

In summary, each model offers different features and is ideal for varying skill levels and sound preferences. It's important to consider your needs and preferences before making a purchase decision.


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