Bags and cases for cajon drums

How to Protect Our Flamenco Cajon drums?

If you enjoy jamming with friends, heading to the studio, or are the type who takes the drum box along in the trunk for a party; if you're moving to a rehearsal, or planning to play in the park, don't think twice. Flamenco drum boxes don't fit in a regular backpack. No more excuses – you need a case for your drum box.

Whether it's just for storage, a case is essential to keep your drum box in good condition, be it for transport or home storage. Cajons are usually made of wood, which is highly sensitive to sudden changes in temperature and humidity. This is especially true for the soundboard "la tapa", which is made of thinner wood and can be seriously affected. So, if we want our flamenco drum box to remain in excellent health and last many more years, finding the perfect case to meet your needs is crucial.

Affordable Drum Box Cases

There's no excuse for not getting a case for your drum box, as there are very affordable options available. Even if you carry your drum box in a cheap case, you'll appreciate having one whenever you transport your instrument

Therefore, if you use your drum box casually, a friendly-budget case will suffice. It offers basic protection for short commutes or to keep dust away. A case with some padding, or even without padding, although not ideal, will at least save your drum box from the occasional scratch.

Backpack Cases for Drum Box Cajon

However, if you opt for a budget-friendly case, don't expect miracles. For longer journeys, airplane cargo holds, or when stacked in the trunk with other items, a basic case might not be very effective, especially if you have a high-end instrument inside.

It's better to invest in a case offering greater protection, such as those with significant padding and rigid construction. These cases ensure that in most situations, your instrument will remain intact. Unless, of course, you drop it from a third-floor window...

The choice of case often depends on our budget. In an ideal scenario, we would have different cases for our drum boxes, selecting the appropriate one for each occasion. However, this isn’t always feasible. If we can afford only one case, it should be versatile, with pockets for carrying additional items, durable straps that withstand wear and tear, and most importantly, comfortable. There's nothing worse than walking to a performance venue with a strap digging into your shoulder.

So, if we can't adapt, the case should. Consider how you plan to use it, and when in doubt... opt for the one with the most padding.

From our website, we hope you have found this brief guide to drum box cases useful, and we encourage you to continue preserving and protecting our wonderful cajon boxes.

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