List of products by brand Cajones CHM percusión

CHM PERCUSSION was founded in 2010 by Adrián Martínez, a young entrepreneur who worked in his father's carpentry shop. One day, after receiving a flamenco drum box for repair in his workshop and due to his passion for flamenco, he decided to start crafting this wonderful instrument himself.

Adrián spent his early years researching and building his own prototypes. Over time, and with the feedback he received, he achieved the quality and mastery that defines him today. As CHM Percussion became nationally recognized, demand grew, leading Adrián's three brothers (Damián, Bernardo, and Daniel) to join the brand. Their union was a success, allowing them to enter a broader stage and venture into the international market.

Today, renowned artists trust CHM Percussion drum boxes not only for their distinctive design and comfort but also for the quality of their sound (particularly the exclusive model) and their constant innovation, both in tuning methods and in their custom and signature models.

CHM Box Drum

Cajon box drums

CHM Nature

CHM Nature drum box model.
Cajon box drums

CHM Exclusive

CHM Exclusive Flamenco Drum Box
Cajon box drums

CHM Rumba

CHM Rumba Flamenco Drum Box
Cajon box drums

CHM Studio

Our first professional-grade drum box.

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