Abueno Noble Natura
Abueno Noble Natura
Abueno Noble Natura
Abueno Noble Natura
Abueno Noble Natura
Abueno Noble Natura
Abueno Noble Natura
Abueno Noble Natura

Abueno Noble Natura

Noble Natura Drum Box

This drum box is crafted for discerning musicians seeking something truly special. The Noble Natura stands out due to the nobility of its materials, offering both power and an elegance that is captivating.

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Noble Natura Drum Box

The NOBLE NATURA is a Tulipier solid wood drum box with a warm, sensitive, and simultaneously powerful sound.

This drum box features excellent highs that gain more presence and brilliance with increased power. Its bass is well-defined and of low frequency. The sound texture provided by the solid Tulipier wood makes it distinct while finely highlighting nuances. Just by looking at it, you know it will exceed your expectations.

The body showcases the natural aesthetics of the wood, with an apparent randomness that strongly characterizes its personality.


- Total Height from the Floor: 50cm

- Body Dimensions: 48cm high, 30cm wide, and 32cm deep.


- SOLID TULIPIER WOOD for the body.

- Top of 3.8 mm, with 5 layers of First-Class Finnish Phenolic Birch, hand-veneered with various woods such as Ziricote, White Ebony, Liquidambar, Ebony, and Amaranth...

Each drum box is unique, as every top is chosen based on its combination with the body.

The textured top adds new sounds while facilitating hand ventilation during play, offering quicker execution.


- Body in natural-colored Tulipier wood.

- Finnish Birch top, hand-veneered with different wood veneers.


- One of a kind, as no two are exactly alike... similar, perhaps, but not the same, making your drum box exclusive.


- Parallel and independent system (II     II)

Interior structures made of Birch, avoiding softer woods like Linden or similar, for better screw grip and to eliminate wear from playing and tuning.

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