Abueno Iberico
Abueno Iberico
Abueno Iberico
Abueno Iberico

Abueno Iberico

Ibérico Drum Box

A drum box of pure breed, with a flamenco essence in its design, offering a natural and exquisite sound.

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Ibérico Drum Box

A highly complete and versatile drum box, offering exceptional quality, an elegant design with a strong personality, and uniqueness, as each one is distinct due to the natural wood veneer used for the top.

Ideal for medium to high impact playing.

Equipped with an innovative and exclusive tuning system by ABueno, the MCA®, considered by percussionists to be highly functional, practical, comfortable, and competent.

Its parallel arrangement (II II) ensures an acoustic balance in highs, mids, and lows, with very clean sound definition. It produces a 'woody' touch, highlighting each nuance it offers.

All its vertices are extremely rounded for greater comfort and better ergonomics.


- Total Height from the Floor: 50cm

- Body Dimensions: 48cm high, 30cm wide, and 32cm deep.


- Body made of first-class Birch.

- Top of 3.7mm and 5 layers in first-class Finnish Phenolic Birch, with the outer face hand-veneered in Bariolé wood.

The textured top allows for the creation of different sound nuances with just a touch, and its micro-texture helps hands to breathe while playing.

Designed for musicians with a medium to high impact playing style, offering both sensitivity and power.

White rubber legs to prevent slipping and enhance the sound.


- Translucent black body over Birch.

- Natural Bariolé wood on the outer face of the top, adding character, with Birch in the inner layers.


- The top is hand-veneered with Bariolé wood over a Birch core, featuring asymmetric designs for a distinct style, making each drum box unique and exclusive with natural woods. (The photo shown may not necessarily match the model received, the tones will be the same, but the pattern may vary according to the wood grain)


- Independent and parallel system (II II) with excellent highs and round, powerful bass, enhanced by a rear booster for increased compression and volume. This also contributes to an elegant and refined aesthetic.

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