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Saeta Drum Box

The Saeta Drum Box embodies style transformed into a drum box. Its elegant design stands out for its simplicity and vintage touch... a classic from ABueno.

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Saeta Drum Box

The Saeta Drum Box is the epitome of style transformed into a drum box, featuring an elegant design that stands out for its simplicity and vintage touch. Its top takes us back in time, immersing us in a different era. The black body, revealing the natural texture of the wood, adds a touch of sobriety and seriousness. Its back brings a significant dose of innovation and originality, setting it apart from other drum boxes with the Rear Acoustic Control (C.A.T.).

This drum box is a joy to behold, even without playing it.

It's both sensitive and powerful, offering brilliant highs and generous lows, with highly pronounced nuances and a penetrating sound.

Featuring a totally innovative and exclusive tuning system by ABueno, the M.C.A. is considered by percussionists to be the most functional, practical, comfortable, and competent on the market. Its parallel arrangement (II II) provides an acoustic balance in highs, mids, and lows. All its vertices are extremely rounded for greater comfort and better ergonomics.

The body is made of first-class Finnish Birch plywood. The striking top is also Finnish Birch with 5 layers of wood, reduced to a mere 2.5mm.

Rounded corners and vertices for greater ergonomics and comfort for the percussionist.

INCLUDES C.A.T.® (Rear Acoustic and Frequency Control)

This mechanism controls the acoustics of our drum boxes, enabling us to change frequencies and volume as desired. With a simple gesture, we can adjust the height and size of the rear output hole, tailoring it to our needs at any given moment and for each musical style.


- Total Height from the Floor: 50cm

- Body Dimensions: 48cm high, 30cm wide, and 32cm deep.


- Body made of first-class Finnish Birch

- 2.5mm top in first-class Finnish Birch with 5 layers of plywood and phenolic glue. A textured top offers the option to create different sound nuances with just a touch, and its micro-texture helps hands to breathe while playing.

White rubber legs to prevent slipping and enhance sound impact.


- Translucent Black body over birch wood.

- Printed design on the Birch top.


- A vintage design in black and light grey tones.

- Extremely rounded corners and vertices.


- Independent and parallel system (II II) with powerful highs-mids and a round, thick bass, which you can shape to your liking, like you've never imagined before.

Rear output includes our INNOVATIVE C.A.T.® SYSTEM.

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