La Rosa C12
La Rosa C12
La Rosa C12
La Rosa C12

La Rosa C12

Explore the La Rosa "C12" Box Drum.

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Introducing the La Rosa C12 Flamenco Cajon: A Fusion of Robustness and Ergonomics

The La Rosa C12 Flamenco Cajon stands out as a favored instrument for those accompanying flamenco dancers or for percussionists who incorporate diverse cajon techniques, akin to the playing styles of congas or djembes. This model is exceptionally suited for players who are used to a vigorous playing style, reliably enduring the intense impacts and elevated volume levels characteristic of live performances. One of its key highlights is the ergonomic design on the sides, offering a more natural leg position and additional lumbar comfort, an essential feature for musicians who spend extended periods on the cajon.

Construction Details:

  • Body: Crafted from 12 mm reinforced birch, featuring a natural finish.

  • Top: Made of 3.5 mm birch, also with a natural finish.

  • Dimensions: 30x30x47 cm

Please note, in line with La Rosa Percussion's policies, this product is available exclusively on order. The estimated production time ranges from 15 to 20 working days.

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