La Rosa Custom
La Rosa Custom
La Rosa Custom
La Rosa Custom

La Rosa Custom

Discover the La Rosa "Custom" Drum Box

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Explore the La Rosa Percussion "Custom" Drum Box

The La Rosa Percussion 'Custom' Drum Box is undeniably our flagship instrument. Exemplifying 100% professional quality, the Custom has elevated La Rosa Percussion as a globally acclaimed brand known for its superior manufacturing process, exquisite finishes, and a unique sound that sets it apart. The successful design of this drum box is the blueprint for almost all the high-end models in our collection. It has been meticulously studied and replicated by numerous drum box manufacturers, thanks to its exceptional acoustic balance. This feature generally eliminates the need for additional equalization when amplified. The Custom is a preferred choice among high-level professional musicians for use in intimate flamenco venues, television performances, or on world tours with renowned pop artists. It's a powerful, versatile instrument that you can trust completely, even without strings.

Body: 9 mm natural finish reinforced birch.

Top: 3.4 mm natural finish birch.

Size: 30x30x47 cm

Due to the policies of La Rosa Percussion, this product is available only by custom order. The estimated production time is 15 to 20 working days.

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