La Rosa Studio
La Rosa Studio
La Rosa Studio
La Rosa Studio

La Rosa Studio

La Rosa Studio - High-Quality Drum Box by La Rosa Percussion

Discover the La Rosa Studio, an exceptional drum box that opens the door for beginners and developing musicians to experience the essence of flamenco. Its crisp highs and rounded lows enable quick rhythms and smooth learning, while the mid/low tone of the bass delivers an authentic flamenco sound. This drum box is a testament to La Rosa Percussion's commitment to quality, offering a gateway to the rich world of flamenco music.

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La Rosa Studio: A Percussion Masterpiece for Aspiring Musicians

The La Rosa Studio Drum Box is a percussion masterpiece, tailored for beginners who value authentic sound and artisanal quality. Crafted by La Rosa Percussion, this drum box features a sturdy 9 mm birch body, ensuring solid construction and flawless acoustics. Its sensitive 3 mm thin top responds to every touch, allowing for a wide range of dynamics and an immediate response to even the most subtle techniques. Adorned with a Nature Varnish finish, the Studio drum box showcases birch wood in its most natural and aesthetically pleasing form.

Designed with an ergonomic shape on the top for added comfort, this drum box allows musicians to play for extended periods without fatigue. Its overall design promotes proper posture and comfortable playing. The tuning system with two individual strings provides precise control over the drum box tones, from deep bass to crystal-clear highs.

For beginners, the La Rosa Studio is an ideal companion for learning and practice, offering balanced sound and ease of use. This drum box is not just an instrument, but a step towards flamenco mastery, backed by the reputation of La Rosa Percussion.

The La Rosa Studio embodies the dedication to quality and authenticity that defines La Rosa Percussion, offering musicians an instrument that is as delightful to play as it is to hear.

Technical Details of the La Rosa Studio:

  • Size: 30x30x47 cm

  • Wood: Birch

  • Body Thickness: 9 mm

  • Top: 3 mm

  • Reinforced Top: No

  • Finish: Nature Varnish

  • Strings: 2, with individual tuning system

  • Ergonomic Top Shape: Yes

  • Ergonomic Leg Shape: No

  • Bass Hoop Reinforcement: 9 mm

  • Carpet and Bass Regulator: 3 cm

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